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(Really) big news: the lab is moving to Idaho

Well, I guess the blog title says it all…  I am thrilled to say that I have accepted a position in Biological Sciences at University of Idaho and will start there in January.  In nine short weeks since I first heard from the chair a positive vote was sending things in a good direction and today, we’ve managed to visit Moscow, ID, prepare and sell our house here, and buy one out there.  As for my family, the truck arrives this Saturday to get our stuff and we’ll be driving that way soon.  As for the lab, it will remain here until August so that most postdocs, students, and my lab manager can finish by then, and I’ll be back in Cambridge a few times next year to see that happen.  In the meantime, I’m excited to participate in a cluster hire in systems biology at Idaho that is occurring simultaneously in Math, Physics, and Stats.  I’ll miss many great people here in the Boston area and have been very thankful for the opportunity to start my career here and contribute to OEB.  And no matter where I am: go Sox. is a Go!

Today – Darwin’s 204th birthday – we are happy to “launch” in a more public way  Thanks to the excellent work of Chris Engles, the site has been up and running, and I have finally managed to take the time to gather enough material from pestering a few colleagues that the point of the site will hopefully be somewhat clear.  We have recently added some new syllabi (from Jonathan ArnoldJohn McCutcheonPaul Turner, and Joshua Weitz) and a project designed by Joshua to use a models to study population dynamics that ensue due to CRISPR-mediated host-phage interactions.  We have also begun to expand our list of “Investigators” that we hope will give interested students (and PIs) a clearer view of who is in the field.  If you are missing please let us know; we have only made it part way through our list from an initial brainstorming.  So I hope you enjoy seeing what your other colleagues have put into place, and please consider sharing some of your own.  Cheers,