Student/Postdoc Opportunities

Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Opportunities


Update (9 June, 2012): For the time being, I am not considering taking on new prospective graduate students. This is due to the confluence of two factors: first, I have ~15 months between now and putting in a tenure packet, and second, I have a very large group and an extensive number of papers that need to move out the door. I do not feel I can dedicate the time and energy required to get new students started right now, and thus it would be unfair of me to bring on more at this time. If you are interested in the area of work that we do, please either look at the “Investigators” page of, or you can send me a brief email describing your interests and I can try to suggest a few names of excellent colleagues to get your search started.

Prior to this time, students had applied through the Department of Organsimic and Evolutionary Biology, or through either the Molecules, Cells and Organisms or Systems Biology Graduate Programs, and opportunities exist for students here to participate in either the Microbial Sciences Graduate Consortium or the Graduate Consortium on Energy and the Environment.


Update (9 June, 2012): Similar to what I describe above, I am also rather unlikely to bring on a new postdoc at this time. I will possibly consider exceptional candidates who are willing to apply for fellowships, however, as at this time I have no extramural funding available for additional people.