Student/Postdoc Opportunities


Update (3 November, 2017): I am actively considering bringing one or two graduate students into the lab during the current “season” (Fall 17 applications for starting Fall 18). I am looking for exceptional students who are excited for a training opportunity at the intersection of microbial physiology, evolutionary biology, computational biology, and synthetic biology. Perhaps one encompassing phrase would be “evolutionary systems biology”.

There are two routes to apply to join the lab, either through the departmental grad program in Biological Sciences, or through our interdisciplinary Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB) Program. Either way, the first step is to contact me directly and we can go from there.


Update (3 November, 2017): At this time I do not have any open positions on existing grants. That said, if you are interested in discussing the possibilities, please contact me directly and we can see what might be possible.


Update (3 November, 2017): I have generally had 3-5 undergrads in the lab, and all 4 current students finish at the end of Spring. As such, I am actively recruiting possible UGs to join the lab. All UGs split time between doing independent research associated with one of the grad students or postdocs in the lab, and doing general lab tasks that keep the whole show running. Send me an email and I’d be happy to talk about it.